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Target rough/dull skin, signs of aging, sun damage and uneven pigmentation!


Sublative Skin Resurfacing is a laser treatment that penetrates the top layers of skin via thousands of microscopic columns, to stimulate the production of new skin cells and collagen. Great for effectively treating wrinkles, acne scaring, pigmentation and overall healthier looking skin!


The results of Skin Resurfacing areimmediate and progressive. This service does require "downtime", as redness and swelling occurs immediately after the treatment. Similar to a sunburn, your skin will flake and shed naturally, revealing fresher, glowing and smoother skin. Results will continue to improve over the following 3-6 months as collagen production increases.


4 treatments are reccomended yearly to achieve optimal results. 


Skin Resurfacing - 1 Session

C$350.00 Regular Price
C$250.00Sale Price
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