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GentleMax Pro Laser Treatments

The GentleMax Pro is considered the gold standard and the newest most effective way to remove unwanted hair, sun and age spots, facial and leg veins. Unlike other lasers, the GentleMax Pro can be used on any skin type safely and effectively. 

Hair Removal

The GentleMax Pro combines two fast and powerful lasers: the Alexandrite - for light skin tones, and the nd-YAG - for darker skin tones.


The lasers work by destroying hair follicles, brown spots and blood vessels through a series of treatments without harming the surrounding skin.

This laser uses a Dynamic Cooling Device, where cryogen is sprayed onto the skin a fraction of a second before each laser pulse, which provides increased comfort during treatment.


Skin Tightening

GentleMax Pro Skin Tightening treatments effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and loose skin, for a firmer and more radiant appearance. This quick and highly effective treatment can treat the face and neck as well as improves the appearance of stretch marks and scarring.

The laser heats the collagen under the skin to specific temperatures which we gauge throughout the treatment to ensure safety and efficacy. This heat produces a natural biological reaction that contracts the collagen and makes it more prominent. As the skin is wounded by the heat, the body produces new collagen to heal. This new collagen production causes immediate tightening of the skin, resulting in a tighter and smoother appearance.

The skin will feel and look noticeable tighter immediately following treatment. There is no downtime needed for recovery. The skin will continue tightening over the following months due to the initiation of collagen production. 

Sun Damage

The GentleMax Pro can effectively remove unwanted brown sun damage spots and benign keratoses without scarring or discomfort. The late fall/winter are the best times to start treatment of these lesions - as the skin should be shielded from sun exposure before and after treatment for the best results.

The GentleMax Pro can also treat diffuse sun damage which is often seen on the face, neck, chest and arms. Depending on the extent of sun damage, a series of treatments may be necessary, but a significant improvement will be seen with each treatment.



With our GentleMax Pro system, the hand-piece delivers concentrated light at a1064nm wavelength, which is ideal for targeting a variety of veins. The light and heat from the laser is absorbed by the hemoglobin in our blood, causing the vessel lining to constrict and collapse, ultimately being removed by our bodies natural responses.


Skin is unaffected by the heat and also protected by the Advanced Cooling system making treatment highly effective with minimal discomfort.


Individual results may vary due to size of vessel and skin type so you may require only one treatment, or you may need a series of treatment sessions to see optimal results.


Vascular conditions such as spider veins, broken capillaries, rosacea, and diffused redness are extremely common in both men and women of all ages. Caused by weakened or damaged valves in the veins, age, hormone changes, sun exposure, and injuries; They can be a constant battle to cover up with clothing and make-up.

The GentleMax Pro uses technology to diffuse redness.  This is one of the most effective ways to manage rosacea. This laser uses the long pulse wavelength to heat the hemoglobin in the treated areas, which coagulates the blood and the circulatory system clears the treated area.

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