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​As qualified and experienced professionals, we look forward to continue serving the North Central Saskatchewan area with the latest advancements in Medical Aesthetics and Therapeutic Treatments.

With a passion for quality, service, and innovation - we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients.

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​At North Country Massage & Medi Spa, we work with some of the leading brands backed by science to help you with feeling confident, beautiful & radiant. Our Professionals at North Country Massage & Medi Spa will help create a customized skin care, body contouring or relaxation procedure proven to make you feel amazing, lifting your spirit and taking control of your inner and outer beauty.

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North Country Massage & Medi Spa

One of the most luxurious Medical Spa facilities in Saskatchewan, North Country Massage & Medi Spa uses an innovative combination of technologies to achieve ultimate results. At North Country Medi Spa our Doctor, Nurses, and Estheticians help you
to polish your appearance while our Registered Massage Therapists relieve deeper levels of tension and stimulate energy levels.
At North Country, we are synergistically combining our specialties to provide you with the highest level of treatment while delivering positive energy to create the most confident elevated version of yourself.

Let our passion become yours.

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The best in skin care solutions delivered to your door.  At North Country Massage & Medi Spa we are thrilled to provide our customers with the best in skin care solutions 24 hours a day. Conveniently shop online from the comfort of your home. Schedule pick up or delivery. 

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At North Country Massage & Medi Spa it's important to us that our clients feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace during their appointments at our facility. We aim to provide you the best quality service while focusing on your well being during and after your appointment.


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Conveniently located on 7th street East in Prince Albert Saskatchewan, North Country Massage & Medi Spa is a comprehensive rejuvenation facility and valuable skin and relaxation resource, dedicated to all facets of the largest vital part of your body – your skin.

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Shockwave Technology

Shockwave therapy delivered through shockwave technology is a non-invasive treatment that brings patients back to health sooner.

Shockwave therapy accelerates the healing process in the body by stimulating the metabolism and enhancing blood circulation to regenerate damaged tissue. Shockwave technology delivers strong energy pulses that are applied to the affected area for short periods of time.

I had a Shockwave treatment last week on my right foot which suffers from plantar fasciitis. It was sore that night after the treatment and I put heat on it and continued to use my roller on it and the next morning I woke up to no pain.  I have been walking around pain free for a week now. I have been suffering for over a month with the agonizing pain in my heal and after the shockwave treatment my foot is feeling great.

As well I had a treatment on my left shoulder which I had damaged the soft tissue back in December and could not lift more than 20 degrees and I have been doing some massage treatments and cold laser with some success but 2 weeks ago I tried the Shockwave and now I am able to lift my arm to 90 degrees.  I am confident with a couple of additional treatments I will be back to lifting my arm to my head.

- 50 year old female.