The Ultimate Guide To Summer Berries

We’re at the height of summer which means it's prime berry season. Whether you’re picking sunripened berries off the bushes yourself or choosing them in the grocery aisle, here’s a guide to selecting and eating these gorgeous fruit all season long:

HOW TO CHOOSE BERRIES Pick berries which are dark in color. They should be plump and firm, not shrivelled or soft. Make sure there are no damp patches which make berries susceptible to mold - they should be completely dry. Avoid raspberries that have retained their hull - that usually means that they were picked unripe and won’t be sweet. Blueberries may have whitish layer on the outside which is normal - this is a natural coating which protects the fruit during growth.

HOW TO STORE BERRIES Since berries are delicate fruit, don’t wash them before refrigerating; rinse only right before eating. For freezing, however, you should wash the berries first then spread them out on a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. After the berries have frozen, take them out and store in ziplock bags for convenience. Perfect for frosty and nutritious smoothies in the morning.